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Chocolate Cowrie

Chocolate Cowrie

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Balances emotions when there is hormonal or planetary based moodiness. Stabilises environment if disturbed by negative earth energies.
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    Chocolate Cowrie addresses the mood swings which may be caused by imbalanced planetary magnetic ow. It also brings balance to environmental energy when this is disturbed by obstructions to the ow of an underground water stream. When there are relationship problems, arguments, jealousy and fear, Chocolate Cowrie brings emotional stability.

    Chocolate Cowrie can be sprayed over plastic furniture to encourage a ow of healthy energy through polymer plastics – especially useful if children are seated on plastic chairs.

    Chocolate Cowrie rebalances environmental energies distorted by underground water activity, particularly important if the bed is placed over a vortex of the disturbed energy, as this can cause chronic health problems. Check for this problem by dowsing, and if necessary, spray the area regularly with Chocolate Cowrie, or place a bottle of Chocolate Cowrie under the bed on the identi ed area.

    Chocolate Cowrie releases dif cult energy in the lower bowel caused by candida, and is an excellent addition to a candida treatment plan.

    It is also a useful essence to re-balance the body metabolism when there are wheat allergies.

    Chocolate Cowrie can re-align the energy of the jaw when there are jaw problems.

    This essence could be sprayed to recover a sense of stability in an area where rocks or earth may be losing stability.

    Chocolate Cowrie encourages emotional wellbeing, balanced relationships, balanced emotions, and balanced earth energy when these have been distorted by planetary magnetism. 

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