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Angelic Guidance Mists 125ml  x2

Angelic Guidance Mists 125ml x2

SKU: AngelicGuidance
‘Open to Receive’ and ‘Intuition Enhancement’

Included are instructions and opening and closing affirmation/prayers. A wonderful tool to start 2015 - would make a great Christmas present for those developing their intuition.

These two mists can be used by anyone wishing to conduct healing readings with clients or with themselves.

The first aura mist 'Open to Receive' encourages the release of fears and self-doubt which may block information, and replaces these with faith, trust and openness to receive healing.

The second aura mist 'Intuition Enhancement' accesses our inner wisdom allowing us to hear and see only messages of enlightenment, wisdom and healing for the highest good of all.
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