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Angelic Ancestral Reconnection

Angelic Ancestral Reconnection

SKU: aacx5box

Box of 5 Essences to help reconnect us to our Angelic Helpers past and present and access their wisdom.

Callala Bay Scallop; Ammonite;

Rainbow Hematite; Red English Channel Sea Urchin; Stromatolite

  • Testimonial

    Angelic Guidance for Change.
    (5 stock Infinite energy Essences)

    Since taking the Angelic Guidance for Change I have experienced:

    • Smoother flow in day to day life;
    • Remarkable synchronicity;
    • Insight that appears to occur without effort;
    • Heightened intuition and affirmation on following through on it;
    • Perfectly aligned unexpected meetings;
    • Unexpected assistance in numerous areas of life;
    • Deeper personal insight to bring about more positive, functional and healthier relating.


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