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The Power of Blessing

The message today is about the importance of blessing.

Blessing is the first stage of healing. When we have a physical or emotional hurt, instead of grieving, wishing to retaliate, or denying the problem, we must first acknowledge the pain, and then bless the receiver (probably us), bless the perceived causer of it, and then anyone else involved. To bless is to forgive, and once forgiven, healing can commence

If there is an emotional hurt, I always ask for forgiveness for all the hidden parts of it I don’t understand, as past lives are often involved, and although that memory may have faded with time, the feeling can be triggered by a current experience.

Many ancient traditions understood the power of blessing, and the need to bless, and how necessary blessing is for healing.

Today, often our first response is anger, and a desire to retaliate, and we wish for a similar hurtful experience for those we blame!

However, when we feel the pain, (instead of pretending we don’t feel anything), if we bless and forgive, healing can occur instantly. Blessing all those involved may not be our initial response, but when we voice our heart-felt compassionate forgiveness by blessing all those involved in the situation, and ourselves as well, then healing can manifest.

Scientist Gregg Braden writes “Blessing something is the ‘lubricant’ that frees our hurtful emotions, opening us up to greater healing, rather than keeping our emotions stuck and unresolved within the body”.

“Through the act of blessing you assume your power to release life’s deepest hurts and unresolved feelings”.

So, let’s all remember to bless and not blame.

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