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The Importance of Everything

Something we need to understand is the importance of everything – and everything’ does not mean ‘things’, but acts of caring and kindness no matter how small or inconsequential they may seem.

Any act that is driven by love and not by fear or expectations of ego importance is of great value, as it connects to the invisible, flowing positive energy that is encircling our planet. This flow is growing even stronger and spreading further with each small act, thought, or words of kindness and love.

It is so easy to listen to negative news, and think “what difference could I possibly make? What’s the point?”

Even though we can’t see this energy flow, we need to trust that every small act of kindness is contributing to the positivity of this energy field, and the positivity has now become stronger than the previous negativity; peace and harmony are more powerful than anger and discontent.

Whenever you create a small thought of forgiveness, or a small act of kindness imagine that it is floating within a beautiful cloud of peace and love that is surrounding us all. What we consider to be small and inconsequential may be contributing to this beautiful rainbow that is cleansing the planet. Each small act is of greater importance than we can ever imagine.

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