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Love Lives Forever

Love Lives Forever

This Blog is dedicated to Trooper,

Who brought so much love and joy into our street.

When a pet or person we love disappears from our life, we feel a sense of loss and grief, and perhaps see only an empty space.

If so, please fill that space with happy memories, not with guilt or self-blame; “I should have said something more; I should have done something more!”

No, remember physical bodies are designed to only last a certain amount of time, but the spiritual source within all is immortal and eternal, and the lessons they have learnt, and the love and joy they gave will continue to help us all.

We’re each playing the role we have chosen in this beautiful tapestry of life, and when our stitch is completed it always remains in the beautiful, flowing, on-going pattern of nature and humanity.

So when each stitch in this beautiful tapestry has been created, it doesn’t disappear, but is an important part of the whole creation.

When we can no longer see the physical shape we have lost sight of, our spiritual Being can still communicate with their spirit, which is eternal, and will always be a part of our lives as long as it is needed.

We thank and bless this Being for the love it has contributed to our lives, and know that although their loss is perceived, and deeply felt, their energy of love lives forever.

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