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The message today is about ‘Involvement’.

Involvement means that because we have chosen to be on Planet Earth at this time, we are automatically involved in everything that is happening in our world, be it positive or negative.

Because we are involved, our participation is invaluable, and we need to focus on everything on which we place our interest; and our decision must always be “should I add more negative or positive energy to this situation?”

Then we must decide how we can help or hinder; we can’t just step back and say “that has nothing to do with me”, because, like it or not – we are involved, just because we are living on this planet at present.

We don’t always need to create our intent in a physical 3D way – every thought has energy, and thoughts and words that we repeat add to the energy of the situation. Therefore, if we want a negative situation to heal, we need to add our positive, compassionate thoughts and not add to the anger and fear.

We are involved in situations occurring on our planet (physical distance is not an issue), just as we are also involved in situations concerning family and friends. No matter how negative we might perceive these situations, remember that we are involved, as our energy vibration is a part of ‘all that is’, and the more people who use their caring and compassionate thoughts toward negative issues, the further that negativity can begin to change.

When we accept our involvement, we will realise that we can be part of a positive change.

When the branches of a tree are burnt in a fire, does the tree say “What a terrible thing to happen to me!” Or does it say “Look at how many new shoots and branches I can now sprout!”?

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