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The message today is about ‘Forever’. This was once a familiar and popular concept, but today there is probably no such time, or event that lasts forever in our human lives, apart from Spiritual Help.

Our planet is changing more rapidly than it has in the past, and humanity is also changing. What we believed to be ‘forever’ is no longer believable or acceptable.

With Global Warming affecting all of our planet, and many politicians seemingly not wishing to address it, parts of our planet, such as the icecaps which we thought would be here ‘forever’ are melting rapidly, and islands, which we also thought would be here ‘forever’ may be slowly sinking beneath rising seas.

So, we must each change our beliefs to now deal positively with changes. We can decide what is important, knowing that change is inevitable, and opening the door of our powerful Inner Beings to create positive change.

When we believed that what we saw from the past would be ‘forever’, we didn’t give it much thought; just “this is the way things are” and rode along with our lives. But now we know that the magnetics of the planet are changing, and also the Crystalline Grid which receives its energy from us, so we can no longer “sit on our haunches” and believe “as it was, so shall it be”.

We have arrived on our planet when the new vibrational energy of compassion, peace, and togetherness continue to arrive, and what has previously been ‘forever’ is no longer applicable. So, we now shoulder the responsibility of creating the new “this is the way things are”.

What is still ‘forever’ is the Spiritual Love given to each of us, and this never changes.

Shell Essences applicable to ‘Forever’ are:

Millepora Coral 8 – Helps those who fear moving forward; reduces fear of change, and gives courage and confidence to create their life’s direction.

Shinbone Tibia – gratitude and new beginnings. Allows us to embrace new directions with trust, enthusiasm, faith and delight.

Jackknife Clam – Allows positive adjustment to changing energies.

Lots of love Nancy and the team at Shell Essences xoxo

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