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Current Astrology from Kimberleigh Joblin

(This is only a sample,and there is much more of Kims interesting information that I can email)?

“There has been some interesting Astrological weather in the last few months, and people are wondering what is going on!

The rather extraordinary planetary and world events of recent times has been further triggered in the last month – July-August 2021 (by the two Full Moons in Aquarius event) and has brought back to life the Eclipse Season, and the Moons Karmic Node Transits in Leo, Aquarius, from the years 2017, 2018, 2019.

Whatever happened in those years for you, whatever was going on ‘behind the scenes’, may now be up for Positive re-examination, or Positive resolutions. However whatever happened in those years may never be fully resolved and brought out into the open, but a way forward, a glimmer of hope (Jupiter) and some much welcome answers or solutions may have been provided for you, offered by the Two Full Moons in Aquarius opposite your Leo Factors.

Its been very trying and tiring – but that part of your life can now move on.

The major Mineral Healer for Leo is Magnesium – for energy, vitality, and relaxation.The major Mineral Healer for Aquarius is Sodium Chloride (salt), but must be Homeopathic Tissue Salt variety.”

The Shell Essences that could help are Honeymoon Island Coral, Wisdom Rock, and Jackknife Clam.

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