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A Day For Remembering

Today is a day for remembering; remembering forgotten gifts and abilities that lie within

your subconscious memory; abilities and gifts that could transform the human life you currently know and are experiencing.

Look within that treasure-trove of abilities, personal power and wisdom which is often far beyond what you might expect to find. Press your secret, personal ‘Google’ button, and know that something amazing you hadn’t previously thought of will manifest. Know that you will always find some positive, life-changing memories you didn’t know existed within you, just waiting to be found. However to discover these hidden treasures you must recover and own them with trust and faith.

Your personal power is stored within your vibrational energy, which has received an upgrade, and countless possibilities now exist. Remove those old rusty locks that are closing the doors of your mind and allow the new memories of whom you actually are to come floating through.

OK, this can be a bit tiring and unbalancing until these energies become more familiar, but isn’t it worth a bit of discomfort to uncover this treasure-trove? Just focus on one ability you would enjoy today that would enhance your present life, and ask it to manifest.

Everything you need is stored within; make today a day for remembering.

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