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"Wholeness’ is when you are connected not just to your human ego-self, but also to your spiritual-self. Both exist together, but need to be called on for very different situations.

Your ego-self, with which you are most comfortable, is necessary for your human, materialistic day-to-day life. Your spiritual-self is often only recognized when you are desperate, and maybe call on God to help you. Your spiritual-self gives you inner awareness, intuitive wisdom, and the love and compassion that go way beyond what your ego-self expects.

However both your ego and your spiritual selves are necessary for a positive human growth experience; you could imagine them as different facets on the crystal that is you, and is also part of the beautiful crystalline structure of the planet and humanity.

Your gift is the ability to choose which facet you use. We are all very accustomed to living our human lives through our ego-selves, but often this is not appropriate as the situations we confront today require the wisdom, forgiveness and compassion of our spiritual-selves.

Remember our ‘wholeness’ is created from both these facets, and our lesson is learning to balance them effectively for a positive, happy life.

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