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Christmas relationships, connection with oneness

Something which is always under the spotlight at Christmas are our relationships.

Relationships are actually the backbone of our human lives. We are all created from the ‘oneness’ of Spirit, but are always attempting to find this connection, which we may unconsciously believe is lost.

Imagine that you have a very difficult relationship with someone who is really important to you, such as a parent, partner or family member. Perhaps you decide not to contact them again; you are tired of their negative attitude. But if you continue to listen to their negativity with compassion, and send them love, maybe eventually you’ll break through that shield of negativity.

You could then start to re-build the relationship; understand what may have sabotaged it in the past, and then make sure that same old pattern doesn’t show its face again in another relationship.

We live on a planet populated with many other humans, and we’ve lived many lifetimes believing only in differences and separation, and this has become the background of our human existence.

When we can learn to look within and see the inner beauty rather than the outer differences, then the walls and fences of separation we have built can start to crumble.

Relationships are our guidebook to life; they show us reflections of ourselves; they also give us the comfort and joy we continually seek.

By forming loving relationships we restore the balance and harmony with which we and our entire planet were created.


The relationships we create with nature, family and friends

Are part of a flowing tapestry which grows and never ends.

As we connect with all of life, we’ll learn to care, to accept without strife.

Often our biggest lessons will be,

To have care and compassion for our human family.

There may always be conflicts, disagreements and fear;

But we can learn to mend any tears which appear.

Then as we create these friendships at home,

We’ll spread love and peace wherever we roam.

We are joined in the universal family of Spirit;

We’re never apart, we’re always with it.

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