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Creating Relationships

Creating satisfying relationships is of great value to us all. There have been so many rules and regulations regarding what is permitted and what is not. When we can release these ancient beliefs and free ourselves to experience oneness, togetherness and respect for each other’s differences, we will begin to experience the true love, and inner happiness of satisfying relationships.

When we realise that we are all part of a beautiful oneness, and that we all fit together like a lovely mosaic we can understand the importance of our relationships with each other. If we were creating a beautiful mosaic picture, would the tiles all be of an identical pattern? Would they all be the same colour? Would that create a beautiful picture?

We need to value differences; if we think that our beliefs and appearance are different from others whom we care about, does this mean we have failed in some way? When we can understand that it is our differences which actually create oneness we will begin to value them instead of attempting to make everything appear the same. Satisfying relationships are not formed by sameness, but by acceptance and respect. The only sameness that’s important is the love, peace and harmony with which we are all created.

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