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Paua Shell

Paua Shell

For appropriate expression of anger, positive self-talk and self-love. Discourages emotional stubborness.

Peaceful Sleep

Peaceful Sleep

Gently calms the mind and reduces fear and anxious thoughts to allow peaceful sleep. Encourages relaxed breathing.

Peaceful Sleep

Peaceful Sleep – Gently calms the mind and encourages peaceful sleep if disturbed by fears and anxious thoughts

Pendants of Peace

Special 3:  Two of the new Pendants of Peace

‘Protection’ – green glass vial with a green cord; contains the essences Baler Shell & Green Moss Agate. Protection against energy interference while we are creating our life-path.

‘Empowerment’ – blue glass vial and blue cord; contains the essences ‘No More Fear’ and ‘Self-Empowerment’. Gives confidence and prevents
inappropriate, fear-based behaviour.

Special price for the Two $60 (RRP $68, Save $8.00)
According to scientists the subconscious mind controls at least 90% of our emotions and actions, which are often driven by pain, fear, anger, belief in lack etc from long ago.
With our intent, vibrational essences such as the Shells can help us negate these harmful messages, and replace them with the positive energy of love and peace to redirect our lives.
The small glass vials contain the vibration of positive energies and can direct these into the central meridian and thus into the energy body.
Even when the physical drops evaporate, the energy remains unchanged.

Market price: AUD 68.00
Pheasant Shell

Pheasant Shell

For unconditional love of self and others and discourages negative thoughts.



To experience peace and sense of wholeness when there is grief and loss. Allows clairvoyants to see a bigger picture

Planetary Harmony Trio

Special 4. Planetary Harmony Trio

I am Safe, all is Well’ spray; ‘Baler Shell’ stock; ‘Peaceful Sleep’ stock

Special price $65.00 (RRP $80.75 Save $15.75)

Re-balancing from the effects of solar flares, or any other planetary or environmental disturbances. (See Solar Flares article in this newsletter.)
Whenever you experience vague anxiety, sleeplessness, uneasiness, unsteadiness for no apparent reason, try this trio. Sometimes we need a little help adjusting to changes on this planet. We always think ‘it must be something I ate’ or maybe ‘that problem at work’ but it could also be your cells readjusting to planetary changes, or recalibrating to higher energy.
(see the New Re-Calibration Kit)

Market price: AUD 80.75
Positive Energy

Positive Energy

Stock only - not to be taken by mouth this is used to make Positive Energy Spray.

An aura spray to remove negative self-talk and the unconscious negative belief patterns which lead to feelings of stress, fear, and low self-esteem.

Calming and uplifting.

Positive Energy Spray

‘Positive Energy Spray’ – Spray aura to remove negative self-talk. Calming and uplifting.


Practitioner Manual

Practitioner Manual

This Manual contains the relevant information on each of the 40 Shell Essences, the 16 Coral Essences, the 13 Infinite Energy Essences, the 14 Activating Aura Mists, and 32 Blends. Also information on how to work with the essences; core information; planetary energy; vibrational medicine and energy infringements. As new essences are created new manual pages are available and can be easily inserted into the manual.

All the information you require to use the Shell and Coral Essences can be found in this Manual.


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