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Vibrational natural health remedies from the sea of time for the problems of today.

Shell Essences - Co-creating Miracles of Love

Are you finding life difficult at the moment - relationships - work -  family or personal problems - feeling stuck?

Perhaps you’d like to help a troubled family member or friend find peace and contentment?  Even the family pet might need help!

Are you sensitive to energies, and thus to the shifting energy vibrations being experienced by many during these times of change?

We’d love to help you, and judging from the hundreds of Shell Essence success stories, we believe we can. See our latest newsletter online to read some of the recent stories from our wonderful clients and practitioners.

Shell and Coral Essences are vibrational remedies taken as oral drops and aura sprays. They are created using a similar method to that used by Dr. Edward Bach to create the Bach Flower Remedies.

Shell Essences incorporate ancient wisdom with new vibrational self-healing techniques which are ‘read’ by our cellular memory. They access our DNA energies, and read our intrinsic spiritual-energy patterns helping us return to wholeness and wellbeing, and to the inner power of love. Shell Essences teach us to become self-healers.

Why not give Shell Essences a try? They are fast acting and easy to use – the only side effect is feeling well!

Start with our easy-to-choose Essence Blends and Sprays.

If you would like further help please don’t hesitate to phone us on +61 2 95284106 or email us at info@shellessences.com.au and we’ll make you a personal blend.

Shell Essences are used with great success by kinesiologists, spiritual healers, massage therapists, and many other complementary medicine practitioners.

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Messages from Shells
 - The story of Shell Essences

The long-awaited Shell Essence Book is finally available. It has been written with love, and I hope it affirms the healing of the Shells for those who are already using the essences, and introduces these lovely heart-centred energies to those who haven’t yet tried them.

Thanks to all who shared their experiences with the Shells, and whose stories are anonymously recorded on these pages.

Messages from Shells describes how Shell Essences began, the lessons regarding energy which the Shells taught us, and an in-depth description of each of the current Shell and Coral essences. It has been beautifully designed and typeset by Ro of Bancroft Art.

I am honoured to have had the opportunity to further spread the healing of the Shells, especially at this time of uncertainty and new spiritual directions. I hope you enjoy Messages from Shells as much as I have enjoyed writing it.
Messages from Shells can be ordered from Shell Essence office or online (click here). The price is $29.95 plus $5.70 postage. 

Please let me know if you’d like a signed copy.     


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Which Essence for Me?
Commonly experienced difficulties of daily life

Choose a Shell Essence Blend, listed below, for an area of your life in which you're experiencing difficulty and/or choose one to help a friend or family member, even a pet!

Blends are available in DOSE strength (ready to take) or in STOCK strength
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