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Activating Aura Mists Information

Activating Aura Mists – Sprays that amaze!

The Shell Essences Mists are remedies for life’s little ‘(mis)-adventures’; they can be used with benefit by all people great and small. The Mists are preserved with an Australian Herbal Preservative made from Australian plants, and perfumed with floral essential oils. The ‘active ingredients’ are of course specific blends of vibrational Shell Essences.

We can spray over ourselves, and/or within our living/working/playing areas. Since our energies are more intimately in touch with our immediate environments than we may realize, spraying an environment helps both us and all who enter therein. Since our energies are also intimately connected to those with whom we are in contact both physically, emotionally and mentally, what helps one helps all – and there are no side effects except relief! At least that’s what our satisfied customers tell us – again and again and again.

What happens if we spray with something we don’t need? Nothing is wasted; the energy just hangs around until it meets someone who needs that particular energy shift. It’s amazing what a little Mist can do.

The Mists are easy to use; no special knowledge is required, just our innate ‘common sense’ and a desire to ‘lighten up our life’. Each Mist has been carefully created to both lighten, and enlighten a specific area of common difficulty. New Mists are created whenever a general need arises for something not already addressed. Simple they may be, but also profoundly effective.

So why wait? Don’t Mist out! Let us spray.    Click here to download the pdf for information on Activating Aura Mists.

Which Essence for Me?
Commonly experienced difficulties of daily life

Choose a Shell Essence Blend, listed below, for an area of your life in which you're experiencing difficulty and/or choose one to help a friend or family member, even a pet!

Blends are available in DOSE strength (ready to take) or in STOCK strength
(for practitioner use).